Dunamis (Doo-na'-mis) n. Greek

Miraculous Power, Might, Strength, Ability; The power to perform miracles

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Dunamis is not just about helping you get pain free. We are committed to complete health: Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually.


Dunamis has helped the most elite athletes perform at the highest level. What we have created for Super Bowl and Olympic champions is now available to you!


Whether training at the highest level, or just living a full life, recovery is essential. Find balance of work and play, preparation and recovery at Dunamis.

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Have traditional therapies and training disappointed you? Are you ready to get better and finally reach your goals?

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I have been an athlete and into fitness for as long as I can remember. I had my first major injury my sophomore year in high school.

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We must become storytellers. A good storyteller speaks something into nothing.

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In the XV Olympics, during the height of Russian athletic dominance, Soviets took 29 medals (11 gold), East Germans took 25 medals (9 gold),

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One instrument by itself can sound pretty cool. But it will never compare to the fullness, richness, and depth  of an entire orchestra.

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It is extremely important to remember that our attitude is not dependent upon our circumstances.



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